Data-Driven Technical SEO Services

Customers prefer easy-to-use and visually appealing websites. So does Google. With technical SEO, your website will be more user-friendly and compliant with Google standards; paving the way for improved rankings and higher conversions.
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Why Your Brand Needs Technical SEO Services

Your website's health can affect user engagement and Google’s ability to understand your content. Allow us to explain why technical SEO isn’t optional anymore.

Improve Website Indexability

Google is really good at understanding your website's content but their crawler is still a bot. Website issues can hinder it from discovering all your pages. Technical SEO will make it easier for search engine bots to index and render your pages.

Better Search Engine Rankings

The purpose of Google is to match people with websites that gives the best user experience. To achieve great UX and a spot in top 10 search results, your website should comply with Google's guidelines and technical SEO best practices.

Higher Conversion Rates

Each extra second it takes for a page to load lowers user engagement and can cost you precious leads. A technically-sound website will load instantly and allow you to convert visitors into possible sales.

What Sets Serphead Technical SEO Services Apart from Others

Optimizing a website requires multiple disciplines such as digital marketing, web development, and content writing. You can’t rely on just anyone to handle this complex task. You need skilled and experienced professionals to put your website in the best position to succeed.

1. Think of us as website mechanics

Our SEO specialists have the uncanny ability to diagnose problems in your website, be it frontend or backend. We'll not only tell you what the problem is, we can work with your engineering team or fix the issues ourselves.

2. Our strategy isn't based on guesswork

Our approach is rooted in Google documentation and the results of our previous experiments. We always draft lasting solutions for a website based on data.

3. We'll make life easier for you

Our team will handle everything for you, giving you more time to run your business. Plus, we'll keep communication lines open and explain concepts that even your kids will understand.

Technical SEO Scope of Work

Our team of technical experts will thoroughly assess your site and develop a strategy tailored to foster your company's growth. Here are some of the optimizations we can do for your website:

Extensive Website Audits

Our audit process goes beyond surface-level analysis. We'll dive deep into your website's structure, content, user experience, and technical aspects to identify areas for improvement and untapped opportunities.

Core Web Vitals Optimization

Poor Core Web Vitals are detrimental to your website's rankings. Once we're done, your website will meet the highest standards of load speed, interactivity, and visual stability.

Website Migration Support

Whether you're upgrading or moving to a new domain, our team will meticulously safeguard your SEO value throughout the migration process. You can be sure that the SEO value of your old website will be preserved and transferred to the new one.

Mobile Usability Audit

A website's mobile-friendliness affects both user experience and search engine rankings. That's why our team will improve your site’s mobile design, loading speed, interactivity, and ease of navigation.

Technical SEO Consultancy

Google Search is constantly evolving. Your brand needs ongoing SEO support to understand algorithm updates and adapt to the latest best practices.

Penalty Recovery

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of Google's guidelines and the factors that trigger penalties, you can be sure that your website not only recovers from manual actions or algorithmic penalties but also emerges more resilient against future Google updates.

Industries We Offer Technical SEO Advice

Banking & Finance
Tech & Software

Law Firms
Real Estate

Beauty & Apparel
Food & Beverage
Sports & Fitness
Travel & Leisure

Adult Entertainment
Entertainment & Media
PC & Console Gaming

Frequently Asked Questions About Technical SEO

Want to learn more about our services? Here are our responses to some of the common questions we get from prospective clients.

Why do I need technical SEO advice?

You need our assistance if your brand is struggling any of the following:

You can't find key pages in Google search results
Customers complain of slow website performance
Despite superior website and content, competitors rank above you
Traffic dropped following an algorithm update or a botched site migratio‍

When can I expect results from technical SEO?

Typically, you might start to see initial improvements within a few weeks, particularly in user experience aspects like loading time.

For substantial changes in search rankings and organic traffic, it's realistic to expect a few months. It's important to view technical SEO as a continuous improvement process rather than a one-time fix, as search engines constantly update their algorithms and your competitors are optimizing their websites too.

Can my website really recover from a Google penalty?

Recovery is possible, but you first have to understand why your website was penalized in the first place and rectify that problem.

It's important to approach penalty recovery with patience and understand that returning to previous rankings may take time and consistent effort.

Do you offer white label technical SEO services?

Of course. Should you need technical SEO services to offer your agency clients, we've got you covered. Our services are priced to enable you to seamlessly resell them, ensuring your clients don't need to look elsewhere for their needs.

Do local businesses have a need for technical SEO?

Without a doubt. To boost your local business' performance in location-based searches, you need to optimize your website's backend to include location details. Additionally, we can significantly enhance your online presence by optimizing your Google Business Profile account and securing hundreds of business and local citations for your website across an extensive array of online directories.

How much does your technical SEO services cost?

The cost of our technical SEO services depends on the extent of the work involved, but our rates start at 2,000 USD per month. For an accurate quote that's specific to your unique requirements, reaching out to us for a personalized estimate is the best course of action.