Grow Your Customer Base with SaaS SEO Services

We will unlock the full potential of your SaaS business by leveraging SEO not just as a marketing tool, but as a fundamental driver for customer acquisition and MRR growth.
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Impact of SaaS SEO Services

SEO bridges the gap between what Google likes and what customers want to read before making a buying decision. This is why SaaS companies that focus on SEO are the ones that see long-term success such as:

Raise Brand Awareness

SaaS buyers often look for authoritative brands. With SEO, a strong online presence can position your company as a market leader and build trust. Plus, SEO helps keep your brand visible to potential customers throughout the sales funnel.

Boost Qualified Leads

Effective SEO ensures that your content appears in Google search results. By ranking for specific keywords related to your SaaS offerings, your website can attract visitors who are more likely to be actively seeking your product.

Lower Cost per Acquisition

Due to the competitive market, advertising SaaS products in Google Ads and social media is expensive. SEO can generate the same amount or more qualified leads at a lower cost than paid ads, especially over the long term.

Why Choose Serphead SaaS SEO Services

Those in the SaaS industry know market share is volatile and tech and business models can't stay stagnant. For these reasons, many SaaS companies outsource their SEO efforts in our capable hands so they can focus on evolving their business.

1. You get your time back

SEO is complex and can overload your already-packed schedule. Letting Serphead do the SEO work for you will allow you to regain control of your day. This means you'll have more room for creative thinking, launching new services, and more time to concentrate on scaling your business.

3. Get amazing results for less

Our team has successfully achieved higher rankings than well-established brands while utilizing only a portion of their budget. Once we secure a good position in Google, only minimal ongoing expenses are needed to sustain it.

1. We know what it takes to beat competitors

Our team can help transform your SaaS business from an unknown player into a global brand. We possess the expertise and strategies required to not only compete with but also outperform established names in the SaaS market.

SaaS SEO Deliverables that Scale with You

SaaS SEO is a vital component for long-term visibility and sustainable customer acquisition growth in a highly competitive market. Here are just some of the SaaS SEO deliverables we can offer you:

Keyword and Content Gap Research

Keyword research sheds light on the search habits of your target audience. Armed with this understanding, we can assist you in tailoring your content and services to match their specific needs and intent.

Market Analysis

We'll study your direct competitors' strengths and weaknesses as well as where your industry is trending. The result of the SEO research and analysis will be the base for strategies that will put your business ahead of your rivals.

Website Health Diagnosis

Website issues are roadblocks for search engine bots and can be the reason why your website does not appear in search results. Our technical SEO experts will investigate the root cause and prepare instructions on how to deal with them. We can even apply the changes ourselves on WordPress or Webflow domains.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Website traffic means nothing if they can't be turned into leads. We'll analyze how a website visitor behaves and what's stopping them from making a purchase or other desired conversion. By subtly nudging visitors to take action, your website can gain more conversions and higher revenue.

Onsite Optimization

We start with SEO fundamentals and proceed to advanced strategies to ensure your website is not only search-engine-friendly but also user-centric. With a blend of technical expertise and creative strategy, our team will transform your website into a powerful tool that not only ranks well but also resonates with your audience.

Offsite SEO

We have perfected the science of obtaining top-tier backlinks from reputable and relevant websites. Through paid and non-paid methods, we can secure backlinks for your website which will ultimately improve your rankings.

Blackhat SEO Attack Defense

Serphead will actively safeguard your online presence from unethical practices that could harm your rankings and reputation. We employ advanced monitoring tools and strategies to identify and neutralize potential threats, ensuring your website adheres to search engine guidelines and is always seen by customers in a positive light.

Traffic Loss Recovery

We understand what makes organic rankings volatile and the factors leading to penalties. This is why Serphead is your best partner to turn setbacks into comebacks.

We Help SaaS Companies in These Segments

Business Analytics & Management
HR & Payroll Systems
Content Management Software

Sales and CRM
Project Management
AI Projects

Advertising Software
Cybersecurity Packages
Marketing Automation Software

Community Management
Payment Gateways
Customer Service Software

Frequently Asked Questions About SaaS SEO

Before you delegate your SaaS SEO initiatives, here's all the essential information you need to consider:

How much does SaaS SEO services cost?

SEO pricing can vary widely and generally, the scope of work aligns with the cost. At Serphead, you can expect bespoke SaaS SEO services that meet your business goals for a monthly investment starting at $2,000. Our SEO services are scalable, we can ramp up production to get results quicker.

If commitment is a big deal, don't worry. You're not locked into a long-term contract and may cancel the partnership at a moment's notice.

How many people from Serphead will assist my SaaS company?

You will benefit from a dedicated team of four experts who work daily on analysis, strategy development, reporting, and implementation - all aimed at consistently boosting leads from organic traffic and raising your monthly recurring revenue.

Why is link building important to SaaS companies?

When reputable websites link to a SaaS company's site, it signals to Google that the site is a credible and valuable resource. This not only improves the site's search engine rankings but also increases its visibility to potential customers. High rankings are particularly important in the SaaS industry, where new customers often begin their buying journey with a search query, looking for the best solutions to their needs.

Moreover, effective link building drives targeted referral traffic to a SaaS company’s website. These are visitors who click on links from other websites, indicating a pre-existing interest in the type of service the company offers. This referral traffic is often high-quality, with a higher potential for conversion compared to general web traffic.

Does SEO help other SaaS marketing channels?

SEO should be the foundational component of a holistic digital marketing strategy. SEO benefits extend beyond improving search rankings; it complements and boosts the performance of other SaaS marketing channels.

For instance, SEO-optimized content helps establish your SaaS brand as an authority, enhance the effectiveness of your promotional activities across all platforms, and increase customer trust.

SEO research also offers valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. The results can be the basis for your strategies in other marketing areas, such as topic selection for social media or content creation for email campaigns.

Furthermore, SEO improves the user experience on your website which will make your paid advertising campaigns more effective. Users are more likely to engage with a well-optimized site, and that's a fact.‍

Does organic traffic really convert into sales better than paid traffic?

Yes, more often than not, organic traffic is better than paid traffic from a conversion standpoint.

Organic traffic is often seen as more credible and trustworthy by users compared to paid ads, which can lead to higher conversion rates. This trust is key, as users are more likely to engage with websites they consider authoritative. Furthermore, organic traffic typically aligns closely with user intent, as it is driven by specific search queries.

However, paid traffic has its advantages, such as quick visibility and specific demographic targeting.