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How do we help our partners get more successful? We focus on your business goals not just pure amount of traffic.

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There are many sides to SEO, and we don't just focus on one of them, but we provide everything you might need to grow your business organically.

SEO Consulting

Based on our years of experience in SEO consulting and plan implementation, our skilled SEO team will help you overcome any issues that you might have with organic traffic, and set you up for future success.

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SaaS businesses are the new standard for online tools and software. Even if you think you can win with brand alone, that is not always the case. With a custom SEO plan for your SaaS business you can thrive for non-brand keywords as well.

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Crypto SEO

Cryptocurrency niche is highly competitive and requires building trust from the start. If your business website isn't optimized, the visitors will go elsewhere, as SEO has become part of the brand trustworthiness package. Let us help you win crypto SERPs.

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Technical SEO

Every website's foundation needs to be solid in order to rank well and avoid indexing or crawling issues. Time and time again we see that to not be the case with new businesses. If you need help with Technical SEO, Serphead is here for you.

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Local SEO

Google Maps SEO boosts local business calls and foot traffic. Use Google's infrastructure to boost local marketing. An optimized local SEO strategy will accurately display your business as the top option for nearby queries, rank you as the greatest local source of products and services, and enhance Google user reviews.

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Content Writing

Content management gives endless possibilities. Good content attracts customers to your website and can make the difference between getting found online and being lost in the millions of search results. We will create optimized content that will compete for the Top 10 positions in SERPs.

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Hear from some of our amazing customers who we have worked with.

Serphead helped us comprehend what SEO is and why every business needs an agency like theirs, in addition to generating a substantial quantity of organic traffic.

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Lyle Kauffman

We began with no organic traffic and now receive over 30 visitors per day, which has increased our revenue by 250%. We are extremely pleased with them.

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Koray Okumus

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's have a look at what people want to know most about SEO.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The abbreviation SEO is most generally used to refer to search engine optimization. It is the collection of tactics used to dominate search engine result pages (SERPs) and boost website traffic.

Even though the process is known as search engine optimization, it involves both people and search engines. They are the ones who will ultimately visit your website, read your content, and possibly even make a purchase.

Finding out what your target audience wants and how they seek for it online is a key component of SEO. It also involves using this information to the development and expansion of your website in a way that signals to crawlers that you offer the solutions your visitors are looking for.

Enhancing your website's search engine optimization will benefit both the quantity and quality of traffic that is directed to your website.

Why is SEO crucial? The answer is straightforward: at least 73% of all internet traffic comes from search engines.

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What is SERP?

Search engine result page(s) are referred to as SERPs. After typing a search query into the search field, you may find the results there. The abbreviation is now frequently used while discussing SEO, search engine marketing, and web development issues.

Usually used when writing "search engine result page(s)" in its whole would become too repetitive. Professionals in SEO and SEM frequently use it to simply refer to the first page of organic search results. Technically speaking, it includes all search results retrieved for a specific query.

The SERPs for each user vary. This holds true even if you and a friend do searches on the same day for the same query using the same set of terms and search engine. How is that even possible? Search engines seek to offer users the most relevant collection of results. They use user-specific data to achieve this so they can customize the results displayed.

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What is Organic Traffic?

Search engine results, whether paid or organic, drive website visitors. The first one speaks of visitors who arrive at a page as a result of paid advertisements. Websites that use this tactic may rank higher on search engine results pages.

Paid traffic isn't always a sign of quality traffic, either. On the other hand, organic traffic describes users who arrive to your website as a result of unpaid search results. They find your site because you provide valuable, high-quality material that search engines value. The majority of SEO professionals advise getting this kind of traffic, and they all strive to get it.

How can I boost the organic traffic to my website? Let's face it, getting a sizable amount of traffic over a short (or long) period of time can be difficult. It's not impossible, though. Even though it requires persistence and a lot of imagination to do, the result is satisfying enough.

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What is an SEO expert? Do I Need One?

Professionals known as SEO experts assist webmasters in boosting their website's organic traffic. The search trends, keyword search volumes, competitor information, incoming/outgoing links, content, meta tags, and URL structure are all examined by an SEO professional.

They essentially employ tools like Google Search Console, Bing Webmasters, and other helpful ones to keep an eye on site activity in general. They also offer knowledgeable advice to company owners who want to boost organic search traffic to their website.

The field of SEO is growing, and the search algorithms are changing on a daily basis. This means that only true SEO specialists have the time and motivation to keep current and apply these changes to their clients' advantage. To offer the greatest services, they must constantly adapt and keep up with trends in search behavior.

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What does an SEO Agency do?

Experienced marketers, designers, content writers, and SEO specialists who are also forceful enough to participate in the decision-making process make up the personnel of a good SEO agency. Each of these activities is required for a campaign to be successful.

Although it would be ideal to fill each position with the best candidates and let them work their magic, this is not always possible. You must first understand what success means to you personally.

The next step is to think about how to get there using clearly defined, measurable goals. Create a flexible process that permits you to make adjustments as the campaign develops and fresh data comes in, though.

Every specialist may perform admirably on their own, but you will end up with an unmanageable mess even if they are all left to their own devices. Because of this, there are digital marketing agencies.

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