Results-Driven SEO Services for Startups

Partner with Serphead to build a strong online presence that's crucial to the early stages of a business. Together, we can speed up your growth from a startup into a sustainable enterprise.
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Impact of Startup SEO Services

Investing in SEO services at the early stages of your startup is a sound decision that will bring immediate and lasting benefits. Key advantages include:

Reach the Right Audience

The beauty of SEO is its pinpoint accuracy in targeting people who are actively seeking your product or services. With the right content strategy, your startup can showcase your offerings to an audience who are more likely to transact.

Compete with the Big Boys

Mirroring the classic tale of David and Goliath, SEO will be your sling that will help your small startup outperform industry giants. And just like a sling, SEO is a relatively inexpensive method to outrank competitors.

Accelerate Profitability

The sooner you start with SEO, the better as this will position your website higher in search engine results and attract customers from the get-go. Plus, SEO can produce more qualified leads at a lower cost than other marketing channels.

Startup SEO Services that Scale with You Along the Way

Boasting more than ten years in the field, we understand that a universal approach doesn't work for SEO services, especially for startups. Whether you're launching a new startup or scaling an existing venture, we're here to tailor an SEO strategy that perfectly aligns with your specific needs.

Early-Stage Startups

Our team of SEO professionals will establish the foundations of your digital marketing initiatives and drive sustained organic growth for the foreseeable future.

Mid-Stage Startups

Let our team guide you in auditing and refining your current online assets. Together, we can uncover immediate gains and strategic opportunities for your startup.

Late-Stage Startups

With SEO experiments and automation, we can help optimize your marketing spend, dominate search results, and connect with new audiences. With our help, we'll turn your promising startup into a 7 or 8-figure company.

Startup SEO Scope of Work

SEO for startups is a multi-disciplinary practice covering everything from brainstorming online marketing strategies to technical implementation and enhancing conversion rates. Let’s have a look at the variety of startup SEO services we offer.

Keyword Research

Our experts can determine the optimal keywords for you to focus on, as well as those to steer clear of. The results of the keyword research will help match your website's content with the user's intent.

Competitor and Market Research

Our team will thoroughly assess the SEO tactics employed by your rivals and identify opportunities to surpass them in rankings. By knowing your competitors' weaknesses and acting upon them, we will ensure your business stays ahead and thrives in a competitive landscape.

Website Health Audit

We'll look beyond the facade of your website and examine underlying issues that hinder both search engines and users from accessing your pages. The resulting technical SEO action plan ensures that your pages are not only visually appealing but also technically sound.

SEO Plan and Roadmap

We fuse the results of the keyword research, competitor analysis, and website audit into an action plan that will rocket your website to the top of Google search results. We'll put together a timeline and resources needed to make it possible.

Content Production and Marketing

Content that pleases both users and search engines is the backbone of a successful SEO campaign. Serphead's expert SEO copywriters specialize in producing content that's not only engaging but also showcases your brand's authority and expertise in the subject.

Securing Backlinks

We place a strong emphasis on responsibly growing your backlink profile and reputation. Rest assured that every backlink directed to your startup website will be of high value and contribute to the improvement of your site's search rankings.

Conversion Rate Optimization

By studying how users behave and interact with your website, we will create a straightforward conversion journey for every visitor regardless of their stage in the sales funnel.

International SEO

Our team blends language proficiency with hreflang and various international SEO skills to broaden the reach of your project in targeted regional markets.

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FAQs About SEO Services for Startups

Have a question about outsourcing your startup's SEO tasks to a marketing agency? It's been probably asked before and here are our answers:

How much do startup SEO services cost?

The market rates for startup SEO services vary from $750 to $2000 monthly or $5000 to $30,000 for one-off projects. It should be noted that the scope of work aligns with the cost.

At Serphead, we offer tailor-made SaaS SEO services aligned with your business objectives, with monthly plans beginning at $2,000. Our services are adaptable and scalable, allowing us to increase efforts for faster results.

Concerned about commitment? No need to worry. We don't bind you in long-term contracts, giving you the flexibility to end the partnership whenever you choose.

Can Serphead optimize Webflow and WordPress-based websites?

Absolutely, our SEO professionals specialize in working with WordPress and Webflow pages.

Having earned our clients' trust, we implement page improvements directly on the staging or the production website. We can do the same for you if you will allow us.

Our team also takes advantage of the numerous SEO plugins available that can be utilized to optimize your site's ranking.

Where should I invest, SEO or social media influencers?

There's a common misconception that social media marketing directly influences SEO rankings through signals like links, likes, and followers. In reality, Google places limited trust in social media signals due to their potential for manipulation.

We're not saying that social media influencers don't bring anything to the table. In fact, social media is a massive driver of brand awareness.

In a well-rounded marketing approach, social media campaigns and SEO should complement each other. We recommend initially focusing on SEO campaigns, as they lay a fundamental groundwork for broader marketing efforts.

Why isn’t my startup website showing up on Google search results?

If your startup website isn't showing up in Google search results, it could be due to several factors.

New websites might not be indexed by Google yet, as it takes time for search engines to discover and index new sites. Another possible reason is that Google doesn't trust your website yet because it lacks high-quality backlinks and has low domain authority.

Technical issues can also hinder your website's appearance in search results. Problems like crawl errors, improper use of robots.txt files, or unintentionally setting pages to 'noindex' can prevent Google from indexing your site. Additionally, if your website violates Google's guidelines, perhaps through black hat SEO tactics, it may be penalized or even removed from search results.

Furthermore, factors like slow site speed, non-mobile-friendly design, and insufficient local SEO optimizations can negatively impact your site's ranking, particularly in local search results.

What's more important for my startup, SEO or PPC?

Both SEO and PPC have their unique advantages, and neither can be deemed more important than the other. However, SEO tends to have a more enduring impact. Unlike PPC ads, which are active only as long as you're funding them, the effects of SEO are continuous. For instance, a blog that ranks on the first page today could maintain its position for years to come.

Nevertheless, we advocate for a balanced approach to marketing strategies, combining both organic and paid methods. This synergy maximizes your overall reach, leveraging the immediate impact of PPC with the lasting benefits of SEO.