Wagyu Beef Online Store

Raising website traffic by 15X

The challenge

We had our work cut out for us from the very start. The website was fairly new and zero optimization was done in the past. Furthermore, the online store wasn’t built according to web standards and had plenty of issues such as incorrect implementation of hreflang attributes and improper nesting of the URL structure.

As search engine bots had difficulties rendering and indexing the website, the client never cracked the top ten position in search engine results for keywords relevant to their products.

That’s when the client sought us out in June 2022 and presented us with these challenges:
        ● fix on-page issues and make the website compliant with Google Search Essentials
        ● make their presence known in search engines and help them penetrate the market

Fast forward a few months, and our partnership saw a remarkable achievement: 15X growth in website traffic from search engines.

The tactics

The first phase was to conduct a thorough website audit to pinpoint all the problem areas and prepare action plans to square them away.

A closer look also revealed that keywords were not utilized in the page copies and metadata. For a page to appear in search results for a particular keyword, that keyword should be found on the page itself. Popular search terms such as “buy wagyu beef online” in the content could have helped the website appear in search results when it was first launched.

Extensive keyword research was carried out next to see all relevant keywords that can be incorporated into the new website content. The keyword-optimized page copies then got traction just a few weeks after publication, as expected.

The website originally had a flat URL structure so all pages had to be reorganized and redirect the old URLs.

Once the URLs were properly nested, hreflang tags were then placed on all pages to help search engines serve the correct localized page to all users. x-default attributes were also added for good measure.

To address the load time issue, every JS and CSS file was minimized and all images converted into WEBP. This shaved file sizes by almost half, allowing the website to load much faster.

These problems were just the tip of the iceberg. A page-by-page inspection and optimization were needed to ensure total compliance with Google website standards.

The results

Addressing website issues, keyword research, and publishing new content helped improve the website's position in search results. Everything came together perfectly just like the texture, coloring, and marbling of an A5 Wagyu beef. results change in a table

Remarkable growth can be seen starting from June 2022 up to the present. In just less than a year of working with us, website traffic went up by 15X and continues to get better as time goes on.