UK Moving Company Website

Boosting traffic up to 3x with over 16,000 visitors daily

The challenge

The company is based in the UK and its main source of revenue. However, they also offer their services to clients in Spain, France, Germany, and neighboring countries.

The website had a great start in the first quarter of 2019 in terms of traffic. They were able to increase the traffic by 2400% until August 2020. By then, the organic traffic to the site slumped and dropped by 50% by May 2021. Upon a thorough check, here are the problems that were identified:

● They do not have a content structure or content plan
● The keywords they are ranking for are solely commercial intent
● The link-building efforts are not effective

The tactics

We took the company as a client right in the middle of the slump in January 2021. To address the problem, we focused our efforts on these main issues:

● Competitor Analysis
● Content structure for better EEAT
● Link Building Strategy

We conducted a competitor analysis to see which topics and keywords we should focus on. From there, we were able to create a content plan balancing out the volume of informational vs commercial content. Efforts to improve local rankings were also made by creating unique local pages.

Once the content plan was all laid out, we made sure that the structure of the content was uniform throughout the site. Having a uniform structure, especially in the blog posts is a great way to let the SERPs know that you know what you are writing about.

We aimed to get better rankings by improving the EEAT of the site (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). We placed an emphasis on improving the site’s EEAT because this is the framework that search engines use in checking the content quality of websites. If a site has good EEAT, it will have better rankings in SERPs and in turn, generate more traffic.

We also made sure that the internal links have proper anchors and that the new blog posts are interlinking with one another.

High-quality backlinks were also acquired to the new pages and made sure that the anchors were properly associated with the pages they were linking to. 

The results

Based on the graph, the slump started in October 2020, 3 months before we took over. You can also see that the traffic continued to go down even after we took action. This usually happens as SEO efforts don’t take effect right away especially when your site is taking a hit.

And within 5 months of work, we were able to see a solid recovery. By June of the same year, we started seeing results. We were able to recover and set a record high organic traffic growth of 300%.