Tree Service in Tampa

Doubled Traffic & Leads from Local Audiences

The challenge

Their main concern when they first came to us was the fact that their leads and conversion rates were significantly underperforming. Despite having an acceptable volume of traffic, they consistently had low conversion rates and sales. The fact that competitors were gaining ground and losing customers made things even more difficult.

These problems are fairly typical in many local SEO campaigns, and they are frequently caused by poor SEO and marketing strategies, such as poor keyword targeting, ineffective content marketing, and a lack of proper on-page and off-page SEO optimization. 

The tactics

The first thing we did was conduct a thorough analysis of our client's industry, competitors, and business profile. This analysis involved looking at the backlink profiles, content plans, and specific keywords that the rivals prioritized.

After accumulating a substantial amount of data from our client’s competitors' activities, we proceeded to conduct a comprehensive website audit. During this audit, we identified and fixed technical issues that affected website indexation and load speed. 

Once the website is optimized and in prime condition, we conduct complete keyword research before starting the content creation process. This strategic approach revealed keywords with high traffic potential but little to no competition. To attract potential clients from targeted cities, we combined the locations they serve with target keywords (e.g. “Tree Service in Tampa”) and strategically placed them in the website copy and online listings.

The next step was to implement marketing strategies aligned with our client's objectives, which encompassed the strategic use of testimonials, highlighting the benefits of their services, proper use of calls to action (CTA), and showcasing their service processes.

The results

t took a month to complete the website optimization process and execute the strategic marketing efforts. After just 3 months, the client witnessed some outstanding results in their online performance.

● The client’s website traffic increased from 100 to 200, up by 100%
● Monthly appointments & sales increased from 15 to 50, up by 233%

As soon as the client became visible in Google Maps, they started to receive positive reviews which resulted in an enhanced overall brand reputation.

These outcomes reflected the effectiveness of our combined efforts in maximizing online visibility, engagement, and business growth for our clients.