Bitcoin Casino Website

Boosting traffic to almost 15,000 monthly visitors

The challenge

The website gets an average of 9,000 visitors per month, but over 90% of the visitors got there by searching for their brand. This means that they don’t have a sizable stream of new visitors coming to their website.

●They were zero organic visitors landing on their game pages
●Very few visitors land on their game category pages

The Bitcoin casino website is one of the industry pioneers and they are featured by many cryptocurrency news platforms. Yet, their website doesn’t appear in search results for their top keywords. Their website traffic stagnated as a result.

Fortunately, they came to us in December 2022.. They had already been doing some on-page SEO work in a small capacity, but it didn’t help them improve their positions. 

That’s when we sat behind the table (remotely, of course) and suggested our solution.

The tactics

Our first step was to run a diagnostic to see the problem(s) of their website. Based on the findings, we decided to focus on:

●Website health
●On-page content

A full technical audit revealed the state of the website and the issues regarding its indexability. The findings helped us fix major problems such as broken links, the URL structure, redirection, localization, and metadata.

A deep-dive showed us that a good portion of their game pages lacked content about the actual games and how to play them. Keywords in the metadata and page copy were also missing. New content with target keywords were written for each game page as well as improved the existing content.

Lastly, a backlink profile analysis showed us what types of domains they got backlinks from and their quality. We also reviewed their competitors’ backlink profile to get some idea on where to focus on next. With this information in hand, we proceeded to acquire new links on our client’s behalf.

In addition to these three main areas, we also consulted on internal linking as well as the creation of more game category pages.

Our main tasks took almost 2 months to get done and we saw results a month later when most of the improvements were implemented.

The results

Let’s compare — May of 2022 to 2023.

Or, in one graph:

As you can see, there was no growth in organic traffic from May to August 2022. Noticeable increases were seen right after implementing the most time-critical changes in January 2023 and with the updated content in April 2023.

With every website improvement implemented and new backlinks acquired, they are seeing continued organic traffic growth and more new user sign ups every month.